Falcons Owner Arthur Blank Spends $180M On New Yacht

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank recently dropped a ton of money on a new yacht.

TMZ reported the following details on the $180 million purchase Sunday:

The brand spankin’ new 240-[foot] yacht — with 11 cabins holding 23 guests plus 33 crew — is named DreAMBoat (AMB are Blank’s initials) … and it’s insanely beautiful.

There’s a swimming pool and hot tub on the ship’s deck — plus a bunch of other bells and whistles — and Blank’s private quarters also has its own private hot tub.

You can watch a video of the yacht below:

NFL owners sure are upping their yacht game, and I’m here for it. There’s nothing I love more than a good yacht.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently dropped a quarter of $1 billion on a yacht, and Redskins owner Dan Snyder also broke the nine-figure mark for a boat of his own. (RELATED: Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Buys A Yacht The Size Of A Football Field)


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Owning a badass yacht is just about the best way to spend your billions that I can think of. Private planes aren’t overly difficult to get your hands on relatively speaking.

Anybody with one rich friend can get on a private jet in the time it takes to make one phone call and drive to the airport.

However, having a massive yacht is a totally different situation. That’s the sign of real wealth. There are only a handful of individuals on the planet capable of dropping hundreds of millions on a boat.

I sure hope Blank enjoys his new purchase. At a price of nearly $200 million, he damn well better.