HIGHLIGHTS: Indiana Beats Wisconsin 75-73 In Triple-Overtime Thriller

(Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports - via Reuters)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Wisconsin Badgers fell to Indiana 75-73 Tuesday night in a Big 10 thriller that went to three overtimes.


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As you all know, I told people I was insanely nervous for the game in Assembly Hall. Indiana might be having a down year, but they have the talent to hang with anybody. I knew we could run into some serious issues on the road in Bloomington. Well, it turns out I was correct.

However, we have nobody but ourselves to blame for the loss. Our free throw shooting down the stretch was simply atrocious. We shot 13-25 from the line, and that’s simply not acceptable if you want to win as a powerhouse program. One free throw is the difference between a win and a loss last night. Just one, and we couldn’t get it. (RELATED: Wisconsin Beats Nebraska 62-51, Khalil Iverson Throws Down Another Monster Dunk)

It also didn’t help that Brad Davison played one of the worst games that I’ve ever seen from him since arriving in town. It was atrocious. All players are bound to have a bad game from time to time, but it’s never a good sign when it’s one of the star players.


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The question now is where we go from here. We’re sitting at 19-9 with games against Penn State, Iowa and Ohio State left. In a perfect world, we’d win all three of them.

At the very least, we can only lose one. There’s no excuse for losing anymore than that, and I’m being generous by even suggesting one loss would be something we could swallow.

Last night broke our spirit, and now it’s time to get it back together. We fought for three overtimes. While that’s admirable, it should never have even come to that.

It’s time to dissect what happened this morning, and then immediately get to work on our final three regular season games.

We’re the Wisconsin Badgers. We won’t let one loss keep us down for long. We’ll learn from it and rebuild. I’ll see you in March, and we’ll be dangerous. Count on that, my friends.

P.S.: We have got to stop starting games so late. It was midnight by the time I got to bed last night. Props to me for not missing a second of the game, but these late starts are getting absurd.

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