Dak Prescott’s Dog Could Be Put Down Following Alleged Attack

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

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Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott’s dog could be facing euthanasia after allegedly attacking his neighbor.

According to the Frisco Police Department, officials received a call on Feb. 26 from a woman saying two dogs had gotten into her yard and were fighting published TMZ. When she tried to break up the fight, Prescott’s pit bull bit her causing injuries severe enough to send her to the hospital.

Prescott’s dog, Icon, was captured by Frisco Animal Services and held in quarantine for 10 days. Icon should have been released Thursday, but he is being held due to how serious the attack was reported TMZ. (RELATED: REPORT: Dallas Cowboys Prepared To Pay Dak Prescott $30 Million Annually)

The case has moved to the Frisco Municipal Court to determine if the dog should be classified as a “dangerous dog.” There are many different options on how to deal with a “dangerous” animal in Frisco, including removal and sometimes euthanasia according to the Animal Control Ordinance of Frisco.

Animal services will work to find the best option for Prescott’s dog, but the outcome depends on the severity of the incident. If the dog is removed from Prescott’s home, it will have to be re-homed outside of Frisco city limits.