AAF Won’t Let Players Sign With CFL Teams After The League Folded

(REUTERS/Mike Blake)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The circus surrounding the Alliance of American Football just won’t end, and now it involves the CFL.

According to Adam Schefter, the AAF has informed the CFL that it won’t “allow” former players in the league to sign in Canada. (RELATED: Alliance Of American Football Suspending Operations)

Yes, despite the fact the AAF is over and players aren’t being paid, the people running the league are trying their best to stop guys from getting paid in Canada. The contracts from the league are viewed as “assets in potential bankruptcy proceedings,” which sounds insanely stupid to me.

If I was a former AAF guy, I would sign in Canada and force somebody to stop me. No way in hell would I let a league that doesn’t exist and isn’t paying me anymore to dictate what I do.

I will never understand how the AAF collapsed in such epic fashion. It’s one thing for the league to embarrassingly fold. It’s a whole different scenario when players aren’t allowed to make a living in Canada. That’s just absurd.

The people running the show should be embarrassed with themselves. They convinced us all we were going to get some great spring football, and now the players are being treated in a fashion that is downright stunning. (RELATED: Johnny Manziel Reacts To Getting Kicked Out Of The CFL, Says He ‘Reestablished’ His Love For Football)

They should all revolt and try to go to the CFL. Force the AAF to sue them to stop. That’s a legal battle I’d love to see.

The Alliance isn’t paying them and is still trying to control them. What an absurd situation.

The documentaries about this league are going to be incredible. The AAF will go down as one of the greatest disasters in sports during my lifetime.