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There Isn’t Enough Pepto Bismol To Soothe Andrew Sullivan’s Worries About Trump

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Liar. Cancer in the White House. A disgusting man. An instinctual criminal.

These are just a few of the names that conservative writer Andrew Sullivan has for President Donald Trump in the wake of Robert Mueller‘s report being released.

He says Trump has been cleared of colluding with Russia. But his presidency is a “cancer on our constitution” and our “way of life.” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) has declared that she’ll sign a resolution that calls for an investigation to impeach Trump. Sullivan is a step ahead of Ocasio-Cortez. He says Trump needs to be impeached — now.

“Am I allowed to say she’s likable?” Sullivan asked back in January in a New York Mag column in which he praised Ocasio-Cortez for her charm, “stunning” good looks, “fun-loving smile” and dancing skills. He also wrote that some of her ideas aren’t half bad.

You can imagine him picking Ocasio-Cortez over Trump for just about anything — life on a deserted island, a meal, all-night rave, stroll on a beach, the White House.

Collusion with Russia? No. But obstruction of justice? Yes, in spades.

“In a contest between his own diseased ego and the rule of law, there has never been any contest,” Sullivan wrote. “So of course he lied when he didn’t have to. And of course he tried to kill an investigation that might have embarrassed him, even if it would not convict him of a crime. Mueller spells it all out in agonizing detail.”

And later…

“Mueller openly states that his own investigation was thwarted by the president to the extent that the ‘the justice system’s integrity [was] threatened.’ When a president openly threatens the integrity of the justice system, and says he has unlimited power to do so in the future, he not only can be impeached, he must be impeached.”

Sullivan frets about the GOP protecting its “cult leader” in presidency that is “beyond the rule of law.” And he worries about “pushing Trump into outright insanity.”

It seems there isn’t enough Pepto Bismol in the world to soothe Sullivan from his soul-crushing hatred of Trump.

“As I chitchatted over cocktails at a Washington office Christmas party in December, and saw, looming above our heads, the pulsating, angry televised face of Donald Trump on Fox News, I couldn’t help but feel a little nausea permeate my stomach,” he wrote in May, 2016. “And as I watched frenzied Trump rallies on C-SPAN in the spring, and saw him lay waste to far more qualified political peers in the debates by simply calling them names, the nausea turned to dread. And when he seemed to condone physical violence as a response to political disagreement, alarm bells started to ring in my head.”

He’s obviously not alone. Notorious Trump haters like Rosie O’Donnell and Bette Midler agree with him. (RELATED: Rosie O’Donnell And Other Celebs React To Mueller Report)

In his latest essay, the conservative writer says not impeaching Trump would make Congress “complicit.” Trump, meanwhile, is in ‘I told you so’ mode. (RELATED: Trump Lashes Out At Mueller Report)

Sullivan is a consistent #NeverTrumper. Unlike The Resurgent‘s Erick Erickson, a BFF to Veep Mike Pence, he won’t be swayed.

Back in November of 2016, before the presidential election, he called Trump a “cult leader.” At the time, he described his “disturbed, unstable and uncontrollable psyche.” He wrote that he had “tyrannical impulses” and “pathological narcissism.”

He called him an “incompetent, a dilettante, a man who doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.”

At the end of the piece Sullivan ominously warned his readers, “Do what you can.”