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Meghan McCain’s Ex-Friend Denise McAllister Challenges Ben Shapiro To A Debate: ‘I Don’t Care About Being Classy’

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Can Meghan McCain go back in time and retroactively disinvite Denise McAllister from her wedding?

In the meantime, the woman who gained notoriety from McCain’s famous one-liner, “You were at my wedding, Denise,” is starting off her Thursday on an explosive note by demanding that The Daily Wire‘s EIC Ben Shapiro debate her on the “morality of homosexuality.”

“I’m very serious,” Denise, who now writes for PJ Media, tweeted. “And he’s a fraud if he doesn’t man up.”

Denise began communicating with Shapiro around 9 p.m Thursday night.

Denise: “Ben, you do know Meghan is already married, right? But keep kissing up. Maybe your doctor wife can give Meghan a colonoscopy to pull out whatever is stuck up her butt.”

Shapiro: “You weren’t at my wedding, Denise.”

The Backstory: In April, Denise went off on power influencer Yashar Ali (HuffPost, New York Mag) after he questioned her subservient behavior to her husband.

“Trying to talk to my husband while Carolina is playing,” she tweeted. “He looks at me and says, ‘Woman, you know better than this. The game is on.’ He’s right. I slipped. Commercial comes on. I fetch him a beer. He grabs me. Deep kisses. Patience and timing, ladies. That’s the lesson.”

Yashar was struck by how bizarre and, perhaps sick, this was. He replied, “Oh, Denise” with a frown face.

Denise reacted with jarring remarks about Yashar’s sexual preference: “Oh so sad. @yashar is lost. He doesn’t know his purpose as a man. He doesn’t know his purpose as a human being. He doesn’t know his purpose as an individual. So he wallows and tries to find himself in another man’s asshole. Sad.” (RELATED: Ex-Coworker Says ‘Denise’ McAllister Was Prone To Workplace Dustups)

Yada…yada…yada…The Federalist canned her as did The Daily Wire.

Just prior to that blowup, Denise didn’t do herself any favors. She denounced ABC’s The View, saying that the show was a “roundtable of delusional mental midgets.” She reasoned that “real men don’t watch The View” and that “stupid gay guys and trashy women” do. Which is when McCain shouted from the rooftops of her lungs, “YOU WERE AT MY WEDDING, DENISE.”

McCain happens to be married to The Federalist‘s publisher Ben Domenech. Moral of the story: Try not to trash your boss’s wife.

Let’s return to Denise’s Thursday quest to duel Shapiro on “homosexuality.”

“I do not want government to deny anyone’s right to marriage,” she tweeted. “I reject government stepping outside its authority and redefining marriage. That is downright Orwellian. Now, who is the real conservative here?? Plus I’m not asking to debate SSM but the morality of homosexuality.”

Which brings us to why Denise is REALLY angry:

“I wasn’t considered a clown when they published my work and only stopped it bc of a single tweet,” she wrote. “My work stands for the quality it is and always has been. If they say otherwise I’d have to wonder why they wanted to enthusiastically publish my work in the first place @bdomenech.”

She just wants someone to pull the knife out of her back. Is that such a hard ask?

“I used to advocate that conservatives stick together and have each other’s backs no matter what,” she wrote. “No longer. Why? Because while I was standing for other conservatives and traditional values, they were stabbing me in the back. Now I stand only for my beliefs, not people.”

Hold on, Denise.

Just a few weeks ago, she tried to make nice with Domenech by publicly sympathizing with him after he unleashed a vulgar tirade on late-night host Seth Meyers, saying he had “regularly gargled the balls” of SNL‘s Lorne Michaels. He also called him a “monumental asshole” and a “cuck.” Domenech was defending his wife, McCain — who had a testy exchange with Meyers’ on his show about Rep. Illan Omar (D-Minn.) — but instead got himself tangled up in a scandal. He apologized for his tweets, but not for sticking up for his wife. (RELATED: Meghan McCain’s Husband Goes Off On Seth Meyers)

As birds chirped, Denise spent early Thursday morning baiting Shapiro into a debate.

She may want to work on her invitation skills:

“I have a challenge for @benshapiro,” she wrote. “He likes to debate. Ok let’s debate. You fired me because I criticized a homosexual by truthfully describing how he has sex and the meaning he derives from it. You say you’re a principled conservative. Let’s debate the morality of homosexuality.”

Also: buttering up does not look like this:

“If you don’t debate me @benshapiro you’re a fraud and a coward.”

Denise even decided to re-think all the anger that blew her way after she told Yashar that he was trying to find himself inside a man’s…Come on, is re-thinking ever wise?

“I got attacked by ‘principled’ conservatives because I oppose something I think is deeply immoral,” she wrote. “I took it at first. But the more I think about it, the more I refuse take it.  @benshapiro likes to debate and loves free speech—instead of silencing me, debate me.”

Again she challenged Yashar, saying, “Yashar was a ‘decent’ dude who egged on the lie that my husband is an abuser. What’s worse? Accurately describing homosexual sex or spreading a lie that a good husband abuses his wife? Come on, which is it?”

When a follower cracked that her classiness was “overwhelming,” she replied, “Let me put this out there. I don’t care about being classy. Not my goal in life. I was raised rough and tumble in a military town at the end of the Vietnam War. I prefer scrappy to classy any day. So if you are trying to insult me with this, you’re actually complimenting me.”

(In other words, she’s rubber and he’s glue. Whatever he says bounces off her and sticks to him.)

In another morning squabble, Denise wrote that “Feminists don’t hate men. They hate their own biology.” Cheryl Martin, a mechanical engineer, snapped back, “My husband is a feminist. Your point is?” Denise’s point was this: “Your husband is a pussy.”

Another follower told Denise she was a “great voice” in the community.

Finally…finally. Someone gets her — and likes her.

Denise took a bow.

“Thank you,” she replied. “Sadly, they’re all cowards because they’re afraid to debate me. Easier to just silence me. They’re no different than the liberals they say they oppose. @benshapiro.”

Denise will probably be at this all day.

But for now, she leaves Ben Shapiro with more reasons to debate her:

“The little boys club of Conservative Inc only care if a celebrity wife is challenged on a late-night talk show,” she tweeted. “They don’t care if a husband is falsely accused of being an abuser. They’re tiny little white knighting beta males who got wedgies throughout high school.”