Los Angeles Lakers Make Jason Kidd The Highest Paid Assistant In The NBA

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Los Angeles Lakers have reportedly given Jason Kidd a fat contract to be an assistant coach.

The exact value of his deal to be Frank Vogel’s assistant isn’t known, but Shams Charania reported he’s the highest paid assistant in the league, according to Yahoo Sports. (RELATED: TV Ratings For Game 2 Of The NBA Finals Down 20%)

It’s believed the total value could be right around $6.5 million over four years.

If you’re Frank Vogel, I’m not sure how you feel about Jason Kidd, who has NBA head coaching experience, being the highest paid assistant in the league.

I’m not saying he’s being groomed to take over if Vogel goes down in flames with the Lakers, but you don’t pay a guy that kind of cash unless you have longterm plans with him.

Kidd’s contract might already have Vogel feeling a little heat under his seat.


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If I was Vogel I wouldn’t want a former high-profile head coach anywhere near my staff. I wouldn’t want Jason Kidd in the same building as me, especially given the chaos surrounding the team.

LeBron James and the Lakers are a circus, and having a coach right on Vogel’s heels certainly won’t add stability to the situation.

I really hope the carnage doesn’t stop with the Lakers. I hope it only continues to get worse for that matter. It might suck for fans of the team, but it’s great for business!

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