Green Bay Packers Go Paintballing Instead Of Practicing On Final Day Of Minicamp

(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Green Bay Packers canceled the final day of minicamp Thursday to go paintballing.

I might hate the Packers more than the rest of you combined, but this is a move I can get behind. If you’re going to cancel minicamp, then you might as well do something badass instead of practicing football.

There are very few things in this life more exhilarating than paintballing. I did it pretty much every single weekend growing up. (RELATED: Aaron Rodgers Says NFL Quarterbacks Who Can Chug Beer ‘Finally’ Have A ‘Talent’ Better Than Him)

The sound of paint flying over your head and the sound of CO2 coming form the guns is about as good as it gets. Hell, even the smell is awesome.

You find out what somebody’s made of when all hell breaks loose on a paintball course. Who is willing to rush the gun nest? Who isn’t? Who is willing to lead the charge? Who is a tactician? Who is an idiot?

These are the questions you’ll quickly get answered. I’ve seen men lead charges that are borderline unbelievable and I’ve seen men pretty much hide until it’s over.

You absolutely don’t want guys in the latter group on your team. Anybody who did that when the Packers played should have been cut before he even got on the bus to go back home.

For as much as I hate Green Bay, this is an awesome team building activity. Now, maybe they can take some time to teach Aaron Rodgers how to drink a beer.

If they ever accomplish that, then they really might start rolling as a team.