Alex Morgan Points To Double Standard After Receiving Criticism Over Goal Celebration Inspired By Sophie Turner

(Photo by Maja Hitij/Getty Images)

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Actress Sophie Turner showed her support for Alex Morgan after the soccer star received backlash over her tea sip goal celebration.

Morgan celebrated what was arguably the best goal of her entire career against England in the Women’s World Cup semifinals Tuesday by sipping a cup of tea. The celebration sparked backlash and many criticized Morgan for being too brash, according to a report published by TMZ Sports.

Morgan pointed out the criticism she has seen since her goal is a result of the double standard seen by women in sports in a video published by Guardian Sports.

“…I feel that there is some sort of double standard for females in sports to feel like we, you know, have to be humble in our successes and have to celebrate but not too much and have to do something, but it always has to be in a limited fashion.” (RELATED: Megan Rapinoe Defends Alex Morgan’s Tea Sip Celebration After Backlash)

“You see men celebrating all around the world in big tournaments, grabbing their sacks or whatever it is and when I look at sipping a cup of tea, I’m a little taken aback…” Morgan added.

Morgan explained the thought behind her celebration saying she was honoring “Game Of Thrones” actress Sophie Turner by emulating her famous phrase “and that’s the tea.”

Turner responded with support for Morgan by posting her own video.

“Alex Morgan, all those haters are saying this is disrespectful, I’m honored that you thought of me,” Turner said. “And all those people that are hating on you are probably sitting at home — millennials drinking kombucha — I’m really f–king proud of you, Alex Morgan, congratulations on your win, and that’s the motherf–king tea.”

I just can’t figure out how people are offended by Morgan’s celebration. It was an amazing moment and an even better celebration. Turner’s right, that is the tea.