Hannity On Mass Shooting Blame Game: ‘Nobody’s Blaming Elizabeth Warren’ For Dayton Shooter

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Fox News host Sean Hannity criticized Democrats for using certain mass shootings to “push their agenda” and “bludgeon” President Donald Trump even as those perpetrated by left-wingers aren’t blamed on liberal leaders.

Monday’s night’s “Hannity” monologue came after two tragic mass shootings in two days, one allegedly motivated by anti-immigrant and anti-Hispanic sentiment and the other allegedly committed by a left-wing Antifa supporter who expressed his support for gun control as well as for Senator Elizabeth Warren’s presidential candidacy.


“Nobody’s blaming Elizabeth Warren for the actions of a psychopath and to do so, frankly, would be unfair and despicable,” Hannity said. “For example, you might remember the lunatic that opened fire on the group of lawmakers that were practicing for a charity baseball event in 2017. Remember that guy right there? He wanted to kill as many Republicans as possible. Remember Congressman Steve Scalise? He nearly died that day. Others were seriously injured. No one on the left blamed Bernie Sanders. That guy loved Bernie Sanders.”

The Fox News host brought up the fact that the Unabomber “had Al Gore’s book” and the Dallas police killer stated his desire to kill “white police officers.” Did Democrats blame Black Lives Matter?

“No, I don’t remember them blaming them at all,” he said. “In fact, one of Black Lives Matter’s cofounders actually got an invitation, after those words were said, to the Obama White House. Now, imagine if President Trump had done that.” (RELATED: ‘No Pissing In The Tent’ — Sean Hannity Wades Into Online Disagreement Between Two Fox News Personalities)

To address mass shootings, Hannity opined, “We should look for real solutions but also respect our constitutional rights. Don’t infringe on the rights of hundreds of millions of Americans, because all of those politicians, most of them and the Hollywood left, they have their armed guards. Most Americans can’t afford that.”