Nick Saban: You Watch Others ‘Celebrate’ When ‘You Don’t Do Things Right All The Time’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Alabama football coach Nick Saban recently dropped a quote for the ages, and football fans need to hear it.

The legendary coach said the following Wednesday, according to 247Sports:

It’s great to have high expectations. We’ve always had a relentless pursuit of excellence around here in terms of what we try to accomplish and what we try to do. But if you don’t do things right all the time at a high standard, you watch someone else celebrate.

Below is a live look at football fans everywhere after hearing this quote.

You’re damn right you watch others celebrate when you don’t do things the correct way. You know where people who cut corners are when the national title game is getting played? (RELATED: August Is Officially The Start Of College Football)

They’re at home watching it on the couch with everybody else in the country.

Telling people if they don’t do the right things around the clock, then they get to watch others celebrate, is a drop-the-mic kind of line.

It’s even more badass when you take into account the fact Alabama got smoked in the national title game last season.

Saban is pulling no punches at all. He’s out here essentially reminding everybody they got their teeth kicked in, weren’t prepared and then had to watch Dabo Swinney and Trevor Lawrence hoist a trophy.

If that doesn’t cut you deep and motivate you as an Alabama player, then nothing will.

You want to know what the most successful people in this world all have in common? They’re relentless. I was once asked if I brought the same kind of intensity SEAL Team 6 did when they killed Bin Laden on a daily basis.

I told the person who asked that he should go ask SEAL Team 6 if they bring my kind of intensity on a daily basis. I’m sure the answer is yes and then some, but it never hurts to get it on the record. I know my guys on SEAL Team 6 are badass, and they’re a perfect example of what preparation does.

Whether it’s in business, sports or anything else, the people who prepare the best are those set up for success. If you want to cut corners, then Nick Saban and I have no interest in wasting time on you.

That’s why he wins national titles and I took over the internet. If you don’t understand our intensity, then you just don’t understand what it takes to win.

Major props to Saban for providing us all with this incredible quote. I might have to get this one put on a poster and hang it up in the office right next to the one of my crystal blue eyes.