REPORT: Jack Coan Getting 60% Of Snaps In Camp, Wisconsin Badgers Not Ready To Name Starting QB

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Jack Coan appears to be doing more and more to win the quarterback job for the Wisconsin Badgers with every day of camp that goes by.

According to Zach Heilprin after Monday’s practice, the junior quarterback is “clearly” the number one option, and is getting 60% of the snaps in camp. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Yet, the Badgers aren’t ready just yet to declare him the starter.

There’s two points I want to make here. First, anybody who is a gambler, should find a betting line for the Badgers starter and take Coan. At this point, it’s clear as day the Badgers have every intention of running him out under center when we open against USF on Aug. 30.

Things could obviously change. It’s college football and it’s smart to expect the unexpected. However, it sure does look like it’d take a whole hell of a lot to dethrone Coan from the top spot right now.

That leads me to my second point. If it’s so clear that Coan is the man to beat and that it’s his job at this point, then why won’t the Badgers just say that?

The only reason to be so secretive is if you’re looking to force your day one opponent to be guessing at what’s coming.

Clearly, there’s no need to guess because Coan appears like a lock to start.


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All Wisconsin is doing by not naming him the starter is forcing people to continue to talk about freshman phenom Graham Mertz.

Mertz might be ready down the road, but it seems pretty obvious this is Coan’s show for the time being. If that’s the case, stop spreading out snaps and feed him the ball all the time in practice.

We have a game in 17 days to win, and as King in the North, that’s the advice I’d give Paul Chryst.