Antonio Brown Sued For $38,521.20 Over Alleged Unpaid Chef Bill From The Pro Bowl

Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports - via Reuters

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Oakland Raiders star Antonio Brown has been hit with a big lawsuit over an alleged unpaid bill to chef Stefano Tedeschi.

Tedeschi is suing the NFL star receiver because Brown allegedly didn’t pay him $38,521.20 for services rendered during the Pro Bowl, according to ESPN on Wednesday night.


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The chef is claiming he was hired to provide food services and more for Brown and other players while in Orlando. However, the Raiders receiver allegedly canceled the deal and stiffed Tedeschi on the bill.

Now, he wants his money. Brown’s attorney responded by saying they’ll try to get the lawsuit dismissed and “will let the filing speak for itself.” (RELATED: Antonio Brown Reportedly Says He Will Quit The NFL If He Can’t Wear A Certain Helmet)

Brown also reportedly offered to pay off the debt through “social media advertising,” which sounds absolutely absurd.


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Well, it’s another day and Brown is back in the news for reasons that I wouldn’t exactly consider great. If the allegations in the lawsuit are true, why wouldn’t Brown have paid the guy?

Sure, it’s a ton of money, but the electric receiver has earned nearly $70 million in his career. You’d think he could write that kind of check without any problem at all.

I’m not one to tell somebody how to spend their money, but writing the check has to be better than the embarrassment of being sued over an alleged unpaid bill.


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If I was in Brown’s shoes, I’d just pay to make it go away and I wouldn’t really care what the reality of what happened was. The last thing he needs right now is more bad publicity.

He’s already considered a gigantic diva. There’s no need to make the situation worse. He’s got the money, and he doesn’t need the headache.

Sometimes it’s just easier to write a check.