J Lo Met Her Idol Ruth Bader Ginsburg — And Asked For Advice About Marriage

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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When Jennifer Lopez met one of her personal idols, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, she asked for advice on her own upcoming marriage.

Lopez, who is engaged to former Yankee shortstop Alex Rodriguez, told the story of their meeting with RBG during a Thursday appearance on ABC’s “The View,” saying that she “has this amazing marriage.” (RELATED: Jennifer Lopez Gets Candid About Relationship With A-Rod And The Reason She Almost Turned Down Stripper Role)


Lopez explained that she and Rodriguez had watched the documentary about Ginsburg the weekend they got engaged. “I don’t know if you guys have seen it, but it’s really good and it talks about her life and her journey and all the things she has done for this country, and the laws that she has been involved in passing for women, for minorities,” Lopez said. “And she has this amazing marriage. She was married to a tax attorney named Marty”

“When I was on tour, we went to Washington, and I was, like, we should meet her,” Lopez continued. “Alex was, like, we should definitely try to meet her and he’s so about that, and so he arranged it and we went over there, and she was lovely. We were supposed to sit with her for 15 minutes, and we were there for, like, an hour. Everybody was, like, this is a big deal. She must like you. We didn’t want to stay too long, because she’s older and I didn’t want to get in the way of all the things she has to do.”

Lopez told Ginsburg that she admired her marriage and asked what one piece of advice she’d be willing to share. “Come on. Give it to me. I have been working on this for a minute, you know. I could use some help. So I’m humble. Tell me,” Lopez said. “She was, like, ‘I think, you know, it helps — my mother-in-law on my wedding day said to me, sometimes it helps to be a little deaf.’ So I was, like, okay. You know, an unkind word, nobody’s perfect. Everybody has bad days. They don’t always mean what they say. Things like that, just helps to let things roll off. I think her superpower is being calm. Calm is a superpower, and she doesn’t let people and all of the stuff, like, make her go crazy, and that’s I think a real — a real kind of trick to marriage as well.”

“As you get older, and a little blind, wouldn’t hurt either,” Joy Behar joked.

“I’m not on board with the blind, but the deaf — but the deaf,” Lopez laughed.

“With you and A-Rod, I don’t think there needs to be any blindness,” Abby Huntsman added.

Lopez did not say when she and Rodriguez planned to tie the knot, admitting only that they were in the process of “planning” things.