WATCH: Drone Airdrops Marijuana And A Cellphone Into Jail Yard

Kyle Hooten Contributor
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A prisoner in Illinois took contraband smuggling to new heights as he received a delivery of marijuana and a cellphone dropped from a drone.

A newly released security video from Cuyahoga County Jail in Ohio shows a prisoner receiving a small package via a drone. The footage was captured by a jail security camera in an open air recreation area.

This “drone incident” occurred last month, but the video was just released Tuesday according to News 5. Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office is presently investigating, says the outlet. (RELATED: Illegal Cellphones Are Being Used To Assassinate Police Officers And Their Families)

The footage appears to show a prisoner looking to the sky as a drone operates overhead. After spotting the delivery drone, the prisoner nearly trips over a cornhole game, as he rushes to catch a falling payload, which authorities say contained marijuana and a cellphone, according to News 5 Cleveland.

The man was unable to catch the package before it slammed into the ground, and the prisoner then covered it with a shirt before picking it up and walking away casually. (RELATED: Person Uses Drone To Shoot Fireworks At Party Because The Music Was Too Loud)

This is not the first time drones have been used to smuggle contraband into a detention facility. Smugglers have employed this method since at least 2015, when a drone drop ignited a “prison yard free-for-all” in Ohio, according to CNN.