Man Can’t Maintain Composure As He Makes Absurd Allegations Involving Elizabeth Warren And Lime Green Sex Toy

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William Davis Contributor
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A 25-year-old man named Kevin Whelly had trouble keeping a straight face as he described obviously farcical allegations involving kinky sex acts between himself and Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren as he stood on the front porch of an Arlington, Virginia home on Thursday.

Whelly made the accusations standing next to alleged criminal Jacob Wohl and lobbyist Jack Burkman, who put on the press event. Whelly claims he met Warren on a site called “COWBOYS4ANGELS.”

Wohl has been repeatedly accused of courting individuals to make false accusations against prominent liberal figures such as Pete Buttigieg and Robert Mueller, a pattern that fits with the current accusation against Elizabeth Warren. In both of the previous instances, the people Wohl pressured to make the accusations recanted. The story of the Mueller accuser, an heiress named Carolyne Cass, is detailed at length in a Medium profile.

“Senator Warren wanted not just rough sex, but extended BDSM play,” Whelly said. “She messaged me and told me to bring toys.”

Whelly also said that Warren told him that she and her husband are in an open relationship and made clear that he is very sexually active. (Elizabeth Warren Rolls Out A Tax Plan On The Super Wealthy)

“Although I had a fair amount of experience in this business, I was shocked by the intensity, duration, and just sheer violence at what Senator Warren wanted,” Whelly said.

Welly said that he ordered a lime green strap-on dildo from Amazon, but could not maintain his composure while making his absurd comments. A tipster sent the Daily Caller a piece of paper provided to people attending the press conference.

“Kelvin, the marine, cracked up at one point while describing a neon green strap-on dildo,” the tipster said.

Photo via Daily Caller

Photo via Daily Caller

Photo Credit: Daily Caller

Photo Credit: Daily Caller

Wohl, Burkman, and Whelly were mocked on social media over the event.

Warren herself even joined in on the fun, using the event to push  her core campaign promises of tuition-free college and student loan debt forgiveness.