Here’s Why Wall Street Is Telling You A Recession Is Coming—And Who Is Cheering It On

Daily Caller

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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Wall Street economists are warning Americans that a recession is likely within the next two years, and the metric they’re using has predicted every economic downturn in recent American history.

Today on The Daily Caller Explains, Host Anders Hagstrom goes over why economists are so sure about this, and why a recession before 2020 is exactly what President Donald Trump’s opponents are hoping for. (RELATED: More Americans Credit Trump With Good Economy Than Obama)

Democrat personalities, such as Paul Krugman, have long predicted that Trump’s presidency would lead to economic disaster, despite the economy booming under the Trump Administration. The President himself has also made the good economy a center-point of his 2020 campaign, meaning a recession could push voters away. (RELATED: Media, Politicians Won’t Stop Talking about The Possibility Of Recession)

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