LSU Vs. Alabama Will Start At 3:30 EST On CBS

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The LSU Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide officially won’t play in primetime.

LSU announced Monday afternoon that the game will kick off at 3:30 EST on CBS on Nov. 9, which killed any remaining hope the game might be played under the lights.

I honestly can’t get over how dumb this is. We’re talking about what might be the biggest game in the SEC all season. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

We’re talking about two storied programs. We’re talking about two teams fighting for a national title. We’re talking about the Tigers from Baton Rouge against the men from Tuscaloosa.

Yet, it’s not being played under the lights? Somebody explain to me how that makes sense.

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This is just spitting in the face of college football fans everywhere. Yes, I know the SEC only gets one primetime game a year on CBS, and they burned it for Georgia/Notre Dame.

Trust me, I’m very well aware of what the rules are. I just don’t care what the rules are. You don’t get to where I am in life or win the rings Alabama has by caring about the rules.

You get to the top of the mountain by bucking the system.


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If CBS and the SEC had any pride, they’d figure out a way to get this game into primetime. There’s still plenty of time to fix this awful mistake.

Major college football games aren’t meant to be played in the afternoon. They’re meant to be played under the lights as the surrounding area is consumed in darkness.

Let’s not focus on who is to blame for this disaster of a situation. Let’s just get it fixed.