CNN President Jeff Zucker Admits To Overusing The Term ‘Breaking News’

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Jake Dima Contributor
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CNN’s President Jeff Zucker claimed his own news organization overuses the term “breaking news,” in a discussion with CNN’s chief media correspondent Brian Stelter Thursday.

The pair discussed issues arising in the media in a panel dubbed “Citizen by CNN,” which is described as a “civic engagement platform designed to bring people together to discuss issues that matter,” according to the network’s webpage. For Zucker, it seems one of the issues that “matters” may be present within his own reporters.


Zucker claimed that this mistake isn’t “that important in the big scheme of things,” adding that CNN is committed to the “pursuit of the truth.” The pair also waged criticism toward Fox News over the departure of managing breaking news editor Shepard Smith. (RELATED: CNN Guest Called Donald Trump Jr. ‘Fredo’ In Past Segment — Cuomo Was Silent)

Zucker alleged that Fox News, “doesn’t hold people in power accountable,” disagreeing with Stelter that Fox has a set of adept reporters. He also refrained from calling Fox a news organization, saying it’s “akin to state-run TV” and full of “conspiracy.”

“Hannity”, which is the highest rated cable news show in America, garnering nearly 3.3 million viewers on average, was referred to as conspiracy programming by Zucker as well.