Katie Hill Says She’s ‘Sorry’ That Her ‘Imperfections’ Were ‘Weaponized’ After Nude Photos, Alleged Sexual Affair With Staffer Leaks

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Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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California Democratic Rep. Katie Hill released a video Monday explaining her decision to resign, saying she was the victim of “revenge porn” and that her “imperfections were weaponized.”

Hill will resign later this week following reports that she was sleeping with both a campaign staffer and a congressional staffer, the latter of which is against House ethics rules. The reports triggered a committee investigation which will end once she resigns. In the video, she calls the allegations a “smear campaign” led by her “abusive” husband. She and her husband are in the divorce process.

“I will fight to ensure that no one has to live through what I just experienced. Some people call this electronic assault, digital exploitation. Others call it revenge porn,” she says. “As a victim of it, I call it one of the worst things that we can do to our sisters and our daughters.” (RELATED: Katie Hill Flees Reporters’ Questions, Calls Police On Reporter)

Hill’s affairs were first reported in Red State, which alleged she had carried on a consensual “throuple” relationship with a campaign staffer and her husband. The throuple reportedly later broke up when Hill allegedly started a sexual relationship with her legislative director in Congress, which violates House rules.

The Daily Mail then obtained and published nude photos of Hill, further alleging that the photos showed she had a “Nazi-era” tattoo. Hill responded with a cease and desist letter. (RELATED: Another House Democrat Is Under Investigation For Sleeping With A Staffer)

“I’m hurt. I’m angry. The path that I saw so clearly for myself is no longer there. I’ve had moments where I’ve wondered what the last three years of my life were for, and if it was worth it,” Hill said. “I never claimed to be perfect. But never thought my imperfections would be weaponized and used to try to destroy me.”