Robert De Niro Labels Trump ‘Dangerous’ And Says He Will ‘Ruin This Country’ In Interview For Britain’s GQ


Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Robert De Niro labeled President Donald Trump an “idiot” and “dangerous,” while suggesting the president “will ruin this country” in a new interview.

“I think all this stuff with Trump and all his shenanigans and nonsense is what is setting the tone for what is going on. We all know it,” the 76-year-old actor shared with Britain’s GQ magazine in an interview, per Fox News in a published Wednesday.

“It’s beyond a disgrace,” he added. “He’s [Trump’s] a low-life. He’s going to ruin this country. He’s beyond a horrible person. I went on television the day after he was elected and I said, ‘I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.’ But he’s worse than we ever thought he would be.” (RELATED: Robert De Niro Said ‘F**k Trump’ At The Tony Awards, And The Audience Went Wild)

Robert De Niro speaks at the "We Stand United" rally on the eve of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration outside Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York on January 19, 2017 in New York. (Photo credit: BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit: BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP/Getty Images)

De Niro continued, “He’s an idiot. He’s a fool. He’s a buffoon. He’s silly. He’s tacky. He’s dangerous. That stupid show ‘The Apprentice,’ people bought it. They buy into it… They created a monster.”(RELATED: Robert De Niro Slams Trump During Award Ceremony For High School Students [VIDEO]

Earlier this month, the “Joker” star continued his attacks on Trump calling him a “gangster” and said he “can’t wait to see [Trump] in jail.” (RELATED: Watch This Guy Destroy A Portrait Of Robert De Niro After His Anti Trump Rant)

Last month, the “Taxi Driver” actor went on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with Brian Stelter and dropped F-bombs about the president and the backlash he’s received from Fox News over speaking out against Trump.

“This guy [Trump] should not be president period,” the actor explained. “Fuck em. Fuck em, before apologizing for using such language.

De Niro has been very outspoken against the president, even drawing cheers and boos after mentioning impeaching Trump during an event to honor Al Pacino earlier this year, per TMZ.


“The producers of the American Icon Awards call it a tribute to individuals who lead America. Not so fast,” the “Raging Bull” star shared. “Maybe they should, but they do fill their own essential roles.” (RELATED: ‘Die Hard’ Actor Rips Into De Niro: ‘It Was Disgusting What You Did’)

“On the other hand, the individual who currently purports to lead America is not worthy of any tribute. Unless you think of his impeachment and imprisonment as a sort of tribute,” he added to boos and cheers from the group. “And that’s how you can ‘Make America Great Again.'”

A year ago, De Niro appeared on CNN and called Trump a “nightmare” and a “national disaster” then claimed that the president’s retorts were “inane,” “kind of stupid” and not “even witty.”

Then there was the time last summer during an award ceremony for high school students that De Niro used his time as a speaker to slam Trump as being “afflicted with a narcissistic personality disorder” and a “congenital liar,” while calling out the  “cowardly Republican enablers in Congress.”

A week later, the actor took the stage at the Tony Awards and told the crowd, “I’m going to say one thing — f**k Trump! It’s no longer ‘down with Trump,’ it’s f**k Trump.”

Many in the audience stood and applauded. The comment aired in Australia, but was censored in the US.