Jon Voight Dances For Trump At Medal Of Arts Ceremony

(Photo: CSPAN Twitter Screenshot)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Jon Voight was a hit at the White House when he started showing off his dance moves for President Donald Trump during the Medal of Arts ceremony.

It all went down Thursday in the East Room, after Trump had begun the ceremony to hand out the National Medal of Arts and the National Humanities Medal to a handful of “artists, musicians and scholars,” the 80-year-old actor included. (RELATED: Jon Voight: We Must ‘Stand With President Trump For His Next Win’)

The president suddenly stops speaking as the theme music from “Midnight Cowboy” began to play in the background and we hear off-camera people clapping, per video from CSPAN shared on Twitter. (RELATED: Jon Voight: Trump Is ‘Greatest President Since Abraham Lincoln’)


The next thing we see is the camera panning over to see what the Trump and others are looking at as Voight jumps to his feet and saunters over to where the president’s standing while the music from the 1969 classic played.

Trump smiles at the legendary actor who then points at the president as he continued smiling.

“We love having you [Voight] here, especially since it is someone that I really like,” Trump shared with the room.

A short time later, the president presented the actor with a National Medal of the Arts for his contributions.