Myles Garrett’s Teammates And The NFL Can’t Confirm His Allegation Mason Rudolph Called Him A Racial Slur

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Myles Garrett’s claim that Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph called him a racial slur is falling apart fast.

Garrett told the NFL the Steelers passer used a racial slur moments before all hell broke loose, and the star DE hit Rudolph in the head with a helmet. (RELATED: Max Kellerman Blames Mason Rudolph For Fight With Myles Garrett)

There’s just one major problem. Garrett’s own teammates never heard about this allegation, and the NFL also says there’s no proof to back it up at all.

Rudolph’s attorney has called the allegation of his client using a racial slur a “lie” and “false allegation” used in an “attempt to mitigate his suspension.” Garrett’s indefinite suspension was upheld Thursday.

Garrett better hope like hell some evidence comes out that this slur was actually said, or he’s going to start looking really bad.

His teammates didn’t know anything about it and the league can’t confirm. The fact it was never referenced until the appeal hearing is suspicious to say the least.

Why wouldn’t he tell his teammates about the racial slur? Why wouldn’t he have said it right after the brawl started?

To make matters worse, Garrett claimed he never knew the racial slur accusation would go public. It’s almost like he thought he could just lob it at Rudolph without consequences.

I don’t know if it’s time to start calling him Myles Smollett, but this is a really bad look for Garrett and the Browns.

That much I know for sure. You can’t lob a racial slur accusation without proof at the 11th hour, and then wonder why people are questioning it.