‘I Actually Have Some Civil Rights Here Too’: Defiant Devin Nunes Fires Back At Schiff Phone Record Subpoena

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Republican California Rep. Devin Nunes fired back at Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff during Wednesday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” calling his phone record subpoena a violation of his “civil rights.”

Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee chairman, released his committee’s impeachment inquiry report Tuesday, which revealed the acquisition of several personal phone records of conversations involving Nunes, investigative reporter John Solomon, and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani.

“He has subpoena power,” Nunes told Fox News host Tucker Carlson when asked how it happened. “So when the Democrats gained control, they have subpoena power. We knew he had issued – he notified us that he had subpoenaed some phone numbers. We didn’t know who those numbers were. And, of course, because it’s … classified, we can’t talk about it.”

“Could they do that for my phone records and your phone records?” Tucker asked.

“It appears like they could,” said Nunes. “If Adam Schiff now wants to go out and subpoena, they have now set a precedent where Adam Schiff can go and get any phone number he has, send it to AT&T and AT&T is going to comply.”

Nunes told Carlson that he was unaware of “any previous time” where the House Intelligence Committee had subpoenaed phone numbers. (RELATED: Devin Nunes Yields To Adam Schiff ‘For Story Time Hour’)

“And because I had talked to Rudy Giuliani and somehow that’s now a crime, and then I make it into his report,” said Nunes. “We spent the last three years, if any Republican ever talked to any Russian at any time, even if you are Russian-American, that was a no-no. Then we were criticized. We switched to Ukraine. If you talk to any Ukrainian that’s now a crime. Now I can’t even talk to Rudy Giuliani, who I have known for 10 years. That’s supposedly a crime. And I’m in his report for supposedly doing something wrong. So this is — this is wrong. And what is happening, whatever is happening in this town is wrong and look, I’m going to look at whatever legal remedies I have. Because I actually have some civil rights here too.”

“If they can do it to you, then what protection do we have?” asked Carlson.

“They can do it to you,” Nunes said.