Kendall Jenner Reveals What Turns Her On

(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images for Chopard)

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Supermodel Kendall Jenner admitted to her biggest turn-on.

Jenner opened up about what the model looks for in a partner in Calvin Klein’s “In Bed With Kendall Jenner” video shared Thursday on Youtube.

“My biggest turn-on is someone who is confident and I really like a witty person. Someone who can make me laugh,” the supermodel said. “The sillier you are, the more yourself you are, the more unfiltered you are, I think the better.”

She also discussed the one thing a guy can do to turn her away.

“My biggest turn-off is someone who is too filtered,” Jenner added. “Someone who is trying to be something they’re not or is trying to prove something.” (RELATED: Kendall Jenner Admitted She Was ‘Nervous’ To Meet Brad Pitt)

She’s totally right here. Over the years, it has become so much more popular to be authentic and yourself. 2020 should definitely be the year that everyone is just happy with who they are and not afraid to show it to others.

If Jenner thinks it’s hot, then it’s definitely hot.

Jenner also talked about what she likes to do before going out. She said that if she’s tired then she has to take a nap before going (I think we all feel that one).