Comedian Samantha Bee: ‘Jesus Loves Me And He Hates Fox News’

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William Davis Contributor
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Comedian Samantha Bee used her Christmas special to excoriate her political opponents, saying Jesus Christ would hate them.

Bee called Jesus’s message one of “radical kindness,” and mentioned that he urged compassion for the poor and the sick. (RELATED: Christianity Today’s Editorial Makes Some Good Points, But Don’t Expect It To Move The Needle With Evangelicals)

“You know, in a lot of Christmas specials, this would be the time when I learn the true meaning of Christmas, but I already know it,” Bee said. “On Christmas, we celebrate the birth of a man whose message was one of radical kindness, a man who said, ‘Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me.’

“If you’re not doing your best to show compassion for the poor, the weak, the sick, and, yes, the immigrants, then you are doing Christmas wrong!” Bee continued.


Bee then said that Jesus would hate Fox News. (RELATED: Here’s The Original Story Of What Happened On Christmas Eve)

“I don’t care what the Hell is on your Starbucks cup,” Bee said. “Anyway, Jesus loves me and he hates Fox News.”

Bee has a history of attacking conservatives, chastising a CPAC attendee with brain cancer in 2017 for having “Nazi hair,” and later calling Ivanka Trump a “feckless cu**” during the 2018 immigration crisis.