‘Fist Bumps And High Fives’: Kellyanne Conway Blasts Pelosi For ‘Embarrassing’ Impeachment Souvenir Pens

Screenshot Fox News, America's Newsroom

Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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White House counselor Kellyanne Conway blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Thursday over the “embarrassing” pens used to sign the articles of impeachment.

Pelosi faced criticism after handing out souvenir impeachment signing pens Wednesday. The moment came during the transmission of the articles of impeachment. (RELATED: ‘The Senate Is On Trial’: Nadler Says The Impeachment Is No Longer Just About The President)

“It was historic but for a different reason,” Conway said Thursday on Fox News. “Nancy Pelosi’s fist bumps and high fives and commemorative pens. It was embarrassing. It was anything but solemn and bipartisan. I think that she really screwed up this process from the beginning.”


“We’re not talking about about short or long or protracted or brief, so much as full and fair,” Conway added. “And full and fair with such thin evidence, such weak articles, these two articles are very weak … We don’t see the need to have a protracted lengthy trial.”

Conway also discussed the various achievements President Donald Trump has had recently. Included in her list was the “monumental” phase one China trade deal signed Wednesday and “the Dow Jones making history.”

“You wanna get the president, get him [Trump] at the ballot box,” Conway said. “They have no idea how to do that.”