Meghan McCain Goes After The New York Times: ‘Everyone Knows You Despise’ Conservative Women

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Phillip Nieto Contributor
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Meghan McCain has a bone to pick with the New York Times after the news organization published an op-ed critical of her performance on ABC’s daytime show “TheView.”

“.@nytimes – everyone already knows how much you despise red state, pro life, pro #2A conservative women, and wish we would all just go away,” McCain said in a tweet on Thursday morning. (RELATED: Report: No One On ‘The View’ Is Talking To Meghan McCain)

McCain’s outrage was directed towards the Thursday op-ed entitled, “‘The View’ Has A Meghan McCain Problem.” The author, Shamira Ibrahim writes, “The problem is, with Ms. McCain still on the show, there’s not much to enjoy.”

She adds, “McCain is the privileged product of conservative nepotism, capitalism and the American military-industrial complex. That coalescence naturally renders her a villain to progressives, who envision her as the cathartic personification of a punching bag on social media. Conversely, each pile-on reinforces her base with a narrative of the long-suffering victim of censorship.”

Th op-ed comes after reports that McCain’s co-hosts on “TheView”, including fellow conservative Abby Huntsman, no longer speak to her backstage, according to Page Six.

Notable conservative voices and commentators, such as Bill O’Reilly, rushed to McCain’s defense saying, “We are seeing Stalinism right before our eyes. Hang tough Meghan. Protect her, Disney.”

McCain continued to call out the New York Times on Thursday with her last tweet reading, “If the @nytimes wants to understand the country, maybe they should try having one woman in the room who doesn’t accept their groupthink on guns, abortion, and religion. Apparently that’s too much for them.”