‘Judge Judy’ Ending After 25 Seasons, Sheindlin Has Made $644 Million In The Past 17 Years

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“Judge Judy” is ending after 25 seasons.

According to The Hollywood Reporter late Sunday night, the hit court show will come to a conclusion after the 25th season, and Judy Sheindlin will announce it during the Monday show of “Ellen.” She will also say on the episode of “Ellen” that she has another project in the works. (RELATED: New ‘Westworld‘ Season 3 Trailer Gets Released, Ed Harris Returns As The Man In Black)


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In case you were wondering how much money Judge Judy has made along the way, it’s a mind-boggling amount. According to Darren Rovell, she’s made $644 million after the past 17 years.

What an incredible run from Sheindlin and everybody involved with “Judge Judy.” It’s the most popular court show on TV, and it’s turned her into a superstar.

It’s also made her an absurdly rich woman. That’s something we always love to see. We always want to see people get their money.

It should be interesting to see what she does next. All I know for sure is that Sheindlin moves the needle. She knows how to generate attention.

That’s why she’s made so much cash, and I have no doubt her next project will be a success too.