Uber Won’t Specify Whether Riders Will Be Notified After Riding With Driver With Coronavirus

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Marlo Safi Culture Reporter
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Uber won’t specify whether the people who rode with a driver infected with the coronavirus will be notified that they had been exposed, Business Insider reported.

After an Uber driver tested positive for the coronavirus, the driver’s access to the Uber app was disabled, Uber confirmed in a statement according to Business Insider. The driver was confined to isolation in a New York City Hospital this weekend, but it’s not clear how recently he came in contact with passengers. (RELATED: Politico, Washington Post Tells Reporters To Self-Quarantine After Coronavirus Case At CPAC)

The driver was not licensed to drive in any of New York City’s five boroughs, but the New York Post reported that the driver had been active in Long Island. An Uber spokesperson would not clarify to Business Insider whether the company would be notifying passengers who rode with the driver recently or whether Uber is sending information about who the driver may have come in contact with to government health agencies.

The spokesperson also declined to clarify to Business Insider whether Uber would leverage its app’s data in the future to notify people who came in contact with a driver infected with the coronavirus. 

New York had 142 confirmed cases of the coronavirus as of Monday, including 20 in New York City, where many of the cases are from community contact, the New York Post reported.