Coronavirus Shuts Down America — The Worst Is Yet To Come

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Lisa Smiley Contributor
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The novel coronavirus has hit all 50 states, with more than 5,800 cases now confirmed.

Not too long ago, it was just a new virus afflicting parts of China. Thanks to President Donald Trump’s early travel ban from China, the spread of the virus to America came slower than it did to Europe. That gave us some time. But now it’s come to us.

In the last week, we have seen schools closed and businesses shut down all throughout the nation. The administration is calling on all Americans to practice social distancing as much as possible and to avoid gatherings of more than ten people. This is unprecedented. (RELATED: All You Need To Know About Catching Coronavirus By Touching Surfaces)

In this episode of Pod & Country, host Lisa Smiley tracks the virus from the beginning in Wuhan, China, and how it’s spread across borders. It is China’s lack of competence in handling the early outbreak of the virus and its censorship of doctors and journalists that has put public health at risk globally. It must be held accountable.

How will America survive the pandemic’s fallout? One thing is for sure: The spread of the disease and its effects on Americans hinge on how we respond to it right now.

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