It’s Not Racist To Call It The ‘Chinese Virus’ — And I’m Chinese

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Lisa Smiley Contributor
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The liberal establishment media won’t stop crying racism over President Donald Trump’s use of the term, “Chinese Virus” when referring to the novel coronavirus.

You’d think a global pandemic that’s halted our entire economy would cause them to give political correctness a rest, but no. This past week, we’ve had to endure listening to democrats and liberal pundits accuse President Trump of inciting racism against Asian Americans ad nauseam. They want us to believe they are the ones who are standing up for minorities.

As a Chinese American and former Chinese national born in China, I’d like to set the record straight. The term, “Chinese Virus” is not racist. It doesn’t offend me one bit. In fact, as the Chinese Communist Party tries to deflect blame and even push a conspiracy theory that our own U.S. military started the virus, that is exactly what we need to call it. (RELATED: Twitter Won’t Remove Chinese Official’s Tweet Suggesting US Army Introduced Virus Into Wuhan)

Let’s make it clear that China, specifically, the Chinese Communist Party, is to blame for causing a global pandemic and tanking our global economy.


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