‘How’s Michael Doing? Good?’: Bloomberg Reporter Laughs When Trump Asks About His Boss On Live TV

(Fox News screengrab)

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President Donald Trump trolled former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg when a reporter from his news outlet asked a question during the president’s Thursday coronavirus press conference.


The interaction began with Trump telling another reporter who had begun to ask a question that he “called this gentleman,” pointing to Bloomberg White House reporter Mario Parker.

“Thank you, thanks a lot,” Parker said as he began his question. “On Monday …”

“Who are you with?” Trump asked, leaning in.

“I am with Bloomberg,” Parker said.

“Yes, Bloomberg,” Trump said. “How’s Michael doing? Good?”

Parker got a laugh out of Trump’s question before moving to his question. (RELATED: ‘Jack Quickly Killed The Shooter’: Trump Rips ‘Mini Mike’ Bloomberg Over Church Shooting Comments)

The former Democratic presidential candidate suspended his campaign earlier this month and endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden after a poor Super Tuesday showing. While he was in the race he and Trump often traded jabs, with many of Trump’s barbs focusing on the former New York City mayor’s height.