Matt Drudge Issues Rare Statement, Takes Aim At Trump

(Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Conservative media giant Matt Drudge fired back at President Donald Trump, issuing a direct statement Saturday.

Trump said earlier in the day that he, like “many others” had lost faith in Drudge. “I gave up on Drudge (a really nice guy) long ago, as have many others. People are dropping off like flies!” (RELATED: President Trump: ‘I Gave Up On Drudge’)

Drudge responded by giving a direct statement to CNN, saying in an email, “The past 30 days has been the most eyeballs in Drudge Report’s 26 year-history. Heartbreaking that it has been under such tragic circumstances.”

Data suggests that Drudge is right, as CNN reported:

Page view data directly from the Drudge Report’s server, provided to CNN by a person with access to the numbers, shows no significant traffic dips since January 2019. The data shows a significant traffic surge in March, up to 1.2 billion page views from 781 million page views in February.

In addition, Drudge’s traffic for the past 30 days eclipsed even the traffic volume from November 2016, when Trump won the presidential election.