REVIEW: William Finds His Purpose In The New ‘Westworld’ Episode ‘Decoherence,’ Maeve Is On The Warpath Against Dolores

Westworld (Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The newest “Westworld” episode aired Sunday night on HBO, and it was incredible.


We all knew going into “Decoherence” that it was likely going to be a wild time. Folks, it didn’t disappoint one bit, and now we have the stage set for the final two episodes of season three. (REVIEW: Dolores’ Plan Is Revealed In Outstanding New ‘Westworld’ Episode ‘Genre’)

First, let’s start with William. Finally, the MiB is getting some serious screen time, and it was awesome. William is still in the mental hospital, and he’s forced to undergo a hallucination in an attempt to find out what demons are haunting him.

In one of the coolest scenes in “Westworld” history, he has a conversation with all the different versions of himself over time.

It’s in this moment we learn there’s been a darkness in him since he was a young child. He kills off his old versions, and Bernard and Stubbs arrive to rescue him.

Finally, William understands his true purpose. He must now save the world from Dolores. After decades of time in the park with her, he must now carry the responsibility of the monster he helped create.


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William is the good guy, and he states as much. Despite the fact we didn’t see much of him early, this episode was incredible with him, and now we know what lays ahead for him over the final two episodes. Remember when I said unlikely alliances may be forming?

Well, that leads me to Dolores and Maeve. In case there was any doubt these two were going to have an epic fight, they are all gone after “Decoherence.”

In order to stop Maeve from building an army, Charlotte’s version of Dolores crushes Hector’s brain ball, and he drops dead right in front of the love of her life.


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Once again, Hector has been taken from Maeve. Before she’s able to crush our favorite woman in the show, Dolores is rushed out of the building.

In the closing moments, Charlotte survives a car bomb from Serac and Maeve emerges rebuilt. The showdown is here!


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Dolores has stolen Hector from Maeve, the MiB understands his true calling, and Charlotte has her “family” taken from her by Serac.

Just an unbelievable episode all the way around! It took a long time to get William back, but it was worth it. Every second he was on screen tonight was chilling.


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The war is upon us, gentlemen. Choose your sides because we only have two episodes left! Tune in next Sunday on HBO for episode seven of season three!