Unfit To Print Episode 49: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Berates Cyclist While Breaking Quarantine

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN’s Chris Cuomo made a big show of having the coronavirus and self-quarantining in the basement of his family’s home, but just a couple of weeks later he was out and about in East Hampton while still showing symptoms.

While out, Cuomo was confronted about breaking quarantine by a cyclist, who Cuomo proceeded to aggressively berate. CNN ignored the entire incident, airing a clip that purported to show Cuomo leaving his basement for the first time since coming down with the virus. Total sham.

Amber Athey breaks down the timing of the entire saga and other stories on this week’s episode of Unfit to Print. (RELATED: Chris Cuomo Plays Dramatic Clip Leaving Basement After Quarantine)




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