‘Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth’: Lara Logan Squares Off With Marie Harf On Michael Flynn

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Lara Logan fired back at Marie Harf during a heated discussion about former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

“I’m not sure there’s a word that came out of your mouth that’s actually true,” Logan said to Harf on Friday’s “Outnumbered.” (RELATED: ‘They Laugh At Anyone Who Speaks With An Accent’: Fox News Panel Gets Heated Over Viral Don Lemon Clip)


Harf, responding to the DOJ’s decision to drop the charges against Flynn, suggested that Attorney General William Barr had effectively issued a statement to the world that lying to the FBI was permissible behavior.

“Bill Barr has made it clear that he sees his job as one of defending the president. Donald Trump has made clear that he wants to do everything in his power to discredit to the Russia investigation,” Harf began, adding. “Yesterday, Barr basically made a statement that said, ‘You can lie to the FBI, and that’s okay.’ And there is still a ton of evidence that the investigation was absolutely an appropriate one, that Flynn was absolutely someone who should have been investigated, and he, at the end of the day, chose to lie about his contacts with foreign countries. If Bill Barr wants to say that’s not a crime, that is a precedent I’m not sure either party wants to set, Harris.”

“Oh my God,” Logan exclaimed.

“Lara, is that how you see it?” Harris Faulkner asked.

“Wow. I feel like I’m in some kind of alternative fantasy sci-fi universe movie. That is — nothing could be further from the truth. I’m not sure there’s a word that came out of your mouth that’s actually true,” Logan said to Harf.

“Wow,” Harf replied with a laugh. “Happy Friday, everyone!”

Logan continued, arguing that “talking to people” did not amount to collusion. “If that’s a standard for collusion, then how come you’re not screaming for accountability for Fusion GPS and the DNC and the Clinton campaign? For literally meeting with FSB agents from Vladimir Putin, for taking disinformation and using that against a political rival in the presidential election in this country.”

Logan went on to say that Barr’s message had not been an invitation to lie to the FBI, but a promise to hold those in power accountable in the same way that any other American would be held accountable.

“So, what about lying to Congress? Because all of these people — McCabe and Comey and all of them — they have all lied and lied and lied,” Logan concluded. “And there is more information to come here that is going to show exactly what really happened with Michael Flynn.”