Andrea Mitchell Wonders If White People Are ‘Capable’ Of ‘Grieving’ In ‘Large Numbers’ When Black People Are Killed


William Davis Contributor
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MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell asked during her show Friday if white people are “capable in large numbers” of “grieving for the loss of a black child.”

Mitchell asked the question to author Connie Schultz, who recently wrote a column for The Northern Virginia Daily, asking white people to “listen” in the wake of George Floyd’s death. (RELATED: Poll: 55% Of Democrats Support Defunding The Police)

“Are white people grieving?” Mitchell asked. “Are they capable in large numbers of grieving for the loss of a black child, or a black woman in her bed in Louisville, or is there something different this time, because they witnessed eight minutes and 46 seconds of a murder?”

Mitchell was referring to the death of Floyd, who was pinned on the ground by four Minnesota police officers for over eight minutes before his death. All four officers have been charged in connection to Floyd’s death. Mitchell was also referring to the death of Louisville woman Breonna Taylor, who was shot and killed, after police entered her house with a no-knock warrant. Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul introduced legislation in Taylor’s name Thursday, which would ban no-knock warrants for federal police, or local police who receive federal funding. (RELATED: White House Roundtable Guest Raynard Jackson Accuses Don Lemon, Joy Reid Of ‘Putting More Poison In The Black Community’)

Floyd and Taylor’s deaths have led to protests and riots throughout the U.S., over the past two weeks. 15 people died in the protests and riots following Floyd’s death.