‘Who Are You Talking To?’: Protester Defending Roosevelt Statue Clashes With Counter-Protester

(Screenshot: Jorge Ventura)

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Protesters gathered Sunday in New York City to defend the Theodore Roosevelt statue in front of the Museum of Natural History.

Roosevelt’s statue can be added to a list of statues that have been torn down, or at least have been threatened to be torn down. The statue, which has come under fire in recent weeks over its supposed racial underpinnings, will be removed from the entrance. Last week, protesters in Washington, D.C. attempted to tear down Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Statue that depicts the former president freeing a slave.

As seen in the video captured by a Daily Caller reporter, a woman is confronted by a counter-protester who tells her to “check your f*cking privilege!”

A female protester responds by saying, “Who are you talking to, punk? You got something to say, little boy?” (RELATED: Gov. Cuomo: Toppling Historical Statues ‘A Healthy Expression’ Of Rage)

The two then engaged in a verbal altercation about the event, during which the female protester told the counter-protester to “learn your history” because “if you knew your history you wouldn’t be a radical.”

Other protesters pointed to the man’s shirt that read “American University,” and labeled him a “bigot” and that he “goes to a bigot university.”

Daily Caller reporter Jorge Ventura also interviewed a different protester named Stefano who came out to defend Theodore Roosevelt’s statue.

“In the beginning of all of this,” Stefano said, “it began with the confederate statues and I was actually all for it at the beginning. I was saying to myself, ‘you know – these confederate generals I can understand how people could be angry.'”

However, his opinion quickly changed.

“After I saw how they started encroaching further and further and further, and then when I saw they wanted to take Lincoln’s emancipation statue down… I was shocked. I said we can’t let them steal away all of our culture.”

He added that “yes, everyone isn’t perfect, but this is our history, this is our culture, and we need to protect it for everybody.” (RELATED: ‘It’s Simply Become A Purge’: How Mob Mentality Is Impacting America)