‘I Don’t Want To Fight’: Meghan McCain Spars With Whoopi Goldberg Over COVID Double Standard


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain and Whoopi Goldberg sparred on a Wednesday episode of “The View” over the uptick in coronavirus cases in light of the recent protests and riots.

McCain first took issue with the way experts had appeared to brush aside concerns over the continued spread of coronavirus in light of recent protests, and the conversation quickly devolved. (RELATED: ‘This Looks Like A Depressed Person’: Meghan McCain Says Image Of Trump After Rally Will ‘Stick With’ Voters)


McCain began by addressing the experts’ response to a recent uptick in coronavirus cases, which has also resulted in some cities and states either slowing their reopening or moving back toward closures.

“Leaders in place, like Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci, I think should have been screaming bloody murder when all the protesting and rioting started,” McCain said. “I do think there was an impression made from some people that it was okay, because the protesting and the existential crisis of police brutality — which we can have another conversation at another time — was more important than the virus and the outbreak.”

“That it’s just Republicans not wearing masks is just intellectually dishonest,” McCain continued.

Whoopi Goldberg argued that no one was putting the onus entirely on Republicans, only that there were a number of people on Fox News who had “pooh-poohed it and said you don’t need to do it.”

McCain went on to say that some in media had all but ignored the protests and riots, treating them as if they had “no impact whatsoever” on the virus’ spread.

“Listen. Listen. You want to fight about it, we can fight about it,”Goldberg said.

“I don’t want to fight about it,” McCain replied, adding, “I can’t keep sitting here acting like the protests in Chicago didn’t just happen … I do not think Americans are on the same page, and I know when someone like me is frustrated and when it feels like the people in place — in places of power like Dr. Fauci are not going on TV and screaming bloody murder about the dangers of this, and we’re seeing spikes everywhere, I understand why there’s frustration.”

Goldberg agreed that everyone should have been sounding the alarm about all gatherings, saying, “I don’t want to split it down the middle and say, oh, you’re just saying it’s these people. We’re saying everybody who’s not wearing a mask is a problem.”

“The beginning of this segment opened with Joy saying vote all the Republicans out, and you’re scared of the Lincoln Project,” McCain protested.

“That’s her opinion,” Goldberg replied.

“How am I — my opinion is that’s ridiculous,” McCain shot back as Goldberg wrapped up the segment.