Mollie Hemingway: Media Has ‘Overstated Their Confidence’ In Mask-Wearing, Using It As ‘Political Cudgel’

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Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway cited the lack of concrete scientific evidence to support widespread mask-wearing to contend that the media has “overstated their confidence” in the practice and are using it as a “political cudgel” against skeptics.

Fox News anchor Howard Kurtz introduced the topic on Sunday morning’s “Media Buzz” by pointing out prominent Republicans who are now encouraging mask usage, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and former Vice President Dick Cheney.

“Why are the pundits so rankled that President Trump is not a leading proponent of mask-wearing?” Kurtz asked Hemingway.


“Right, the outrage and shame directed at skeptics of mask-wearing is excessive and almost certainly counterproductive,” Hemingway responded. “The CDC couches the evidence in support of widespread mask-wearing as undetermined.”

“It’s emerging they say but it’s undetermined,” she continued. “It’s totally fine for people to wear a mask and it might cause no problems, but I think the media have overstated their confidence based on this and just using it as a political cudgel. That’s not good to do in times of public health crises.” (RELATED: Rep. Andy Biggs And Neil Cavuto Duke It Out Over Masks: ‘If You Let Me Respond I Will Refute Every One Of Those Data Points’)

Medical professionals on both sides of the issue have voiced their opinions. Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy urged mandatory mask-wearing earlier Sunday.