‘The Last Great American Dynasty’ Is The Best Song On Taylor Swift’s New Album ‘Folklore’ After A Weekend Of Listening

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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I’ve crushed Taylor Swift’s new album “Folklore” over the weekend, and I have determined the best track.

As you all know, Swift hit us with her latest album Friday, and millions of fans around the world were immediately hooked. (REVIEW: Taylor Swift’s New Album ‘Folklore’ Is An Incredible And Emotional Roller Coaster)

In my initial review early Friday morning, I identified a couple songs that stood out, including “Betty” and “The Last Great American Dynasty.”

Well, after a solid weekend of beer, margaritas, great food, getting retweeted by the President and listening to “Folklore” several times, I have determined that “The Last Great American Dynasty” is hands down the best track on Swift’s new album.

Now, let me be crystal clear here. The entire album is incredible. It’ll be remembered among Swift’s best without any doubt at all.

If you haven’t already listened to it, then you should do it immediately.


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However, there’s something about “The Last Great American Dynasty” that just makes it pop. Maybe, just maybe, it only really stands out to me.

I’m not afraid to admit that’s the case. However, I think most of America will agree with me when I say that this country is fascinated by the ideas of dynasties.

We love them in sports, politics and just in terms of generational wealth. Dynasties just captivate the American public.


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The entire song is about a woman who cracks the bubble of wealth, and then burns it all down to the ground. It’s a fascinating and entertaining song. It’s wildly vivid with Swift’s lyrics.

It’s a hell of a song from the music icon. Do yourself a favor and fire it up. You’re not going to be disappointed.