‘You’re A Real Class Act’: Barr Gets Sarcastic When Nadler Tries To Deny Him A Five-Minute Break

(Fox News screengrab)

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Things got a little more tense during an already heated House Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday when Democratic New York Rep. Jerry Nadler tried to deny Attorney General Bill Barr a five-minute break.


“Sorry, Mr. Chairman, could we take a five-minute break? Could we take a five-minute break, Mr. Chairman?” Barr asked as Nadler was about to introduce another questioner.

“No!” Nadler shouted.

A GOP congressman spoke up and insisted that granting such breaks is “a common courtesy of every witness.”

“I waited 45, an hour for you this morning,” Barr said, referring to a minor car accident that caused Nadler to be late for Tuesday’s hearing. “I haven’t had lunch. I’d like to take a five-minute break.”

“Mr. Attorney General, we are almost finished,” said Nadler. “We are going to be finished in a few minutes. We can certainly take a break but uh …” (RELATED: Nadler Snaps At Republican Committee Members For Not Wearing Masks)

“You’re a class act,” Barr chuckled. “You’re a real class act.”

“After this, if you still want a break, we can have a break,” said the New York Democrat.

“No, he wants a break now!” said Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan. “And you just [unintelligible] rudeness, which is now on display. Let’s let the attorney general have a break.”

When Nadler finally assented, Barr sighed and said, “Thank you, Mr. Chairman.”