‘You Can’t Be Serious!’: Greg Gutfeld Loses It When Juan Williams Compares ‘Anarchist Violence’ To ‘QAnon Violence’

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Juan Williams compared blaming Democrats for ongoing riots and “anarchist violence” to blaming President Donald Trump for “QAnon violence” during a Thursday discussion on Fox News’ “The Five.”

Guest-co-host Martha MacCallum played a clip of a former police officer being knocked down and assaulted on a New York City street.

“This was on 39th street,” MacCallum said. “This is basically midtown in the middle of the afternoon. They pulled 600 police officers off the streets, and now we are seeing this. So is this a mistake for Democrats to ignore this?”


“They’re are not ignoring it,” Williams insisted. “First of all there’s not widespread violence …”

“They haven’t mentioned it once, Juan,” MacCallum said, referring to the ongoing Democratic National Convention.

“There is not widespread violence in American cities,” Williams responded. “Let’s not buy into Donald Trump’s nonsense about American … violent crime in this country is down.”

“Stop it, Juan … You can’t be serious. I’m not Donald Trump. I’m telling you the facts. Every day I tell you the facts, Juan, and you keep shifting it to Donald Trump. It’s pathetic. You need to come up with a new talking point,” cohost Greg Gutfeld said.

Gutfeld continued and said, “the murders and shootings are up,” as Williams continued to speak at the same time.

“This is not anarchist violence by a small group in Portland, Oregon, that’s suddenly being blown into like, ‘oh that represents what is going on in American cities,'” Williams said. “That’s just wrong! That’s just a total distraction. The reality is that Democrats are not responsible for some violent anarchists no more than Donald Trump is responsible for QAnon violence or Proud Boy violence …”

“Qanon violence?” he said while laughing. “That’s funny. There is none. That’s funny. You are hilarious. You are hilarious.”

Calling it a “widespread issue,” MacCallum also noted that “homicides are up 37% in 20 cities across America.”(RELATED: Martha MacCallum’s Interview With BLM Chair Goes Off The Rails When He Refuses To Answer Question About Looting)

QAnon conspiracy theorists believe that Trump is saving the world from an underground cabal of Satanic pedophiles and cannibals. Trump recently tweeted in support of Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican House candidate running in Georgia’s 14th congressional district, who has openly supported QAnon conspiracy theories.