‘Democrats Always Blame America First’: Nikki Haley Invokes Reagan Ambassador At RNC

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley invoked Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick when she spoke Monday evening at the Republican National Convention.

Haley quoted Kirkpatrick — who served as the first female ambassador to the UN under the late Republican President Ronald Reagan — using her words from the 1984 Republican Convention. (RELATED: Dan Crenshaw Defends Stefanik, Haley From Nicolle Wallace’s ‘Baseless And Insulting Slander’)


“I’ll start with a little story. It’s about an American Ambassador to the United Nations, and it’s about a speech she gave to this convention … That ambassador said, and I quote, ‘Democrats always blame America first,'” Haley began.

“The year was 1984. The president was Ronald Reagan, and Ambassador Jane Kirkpatrick’s words are just as true today. Joe Biden and the Democrats are still blaming America first. Donald Trump has always put America first,” she continued.

Haley went on to talk about her own service as ambassador, saying, “Now, the UN is not for the faint of heart. It’s a place where dictators, murderers and thieves denounce America and then put their hands out and demand that we pay their bills. Well, President Trump put an end to all of that. With his leadership, we did what Barack Obama and Joe Biden refused to do. We stood up for America. And we stood against our enemies.”

Haley criticized the Obama administration — and former Vice President Joe Biden — for letting Iran “get away with murder” while continuing to send money to a nation that often professed hatred for the United States.

“This president has a record of strength and success. The former vice president has a record of weakness and failure,” Haley continued. “Joe Biden is good for Iran and ISIS, great for communist China. And he’s a godsend to everyone who wants America to apologize, abstain and abandon our values. Donald Trump takes a different approach. He’s tough on China, and he took on ISIS and won. And he tells the world what it needs to hear.”

Haley then touted the president’s record on jobs and the economy, comparing it to the mandates and red tape that the Obama-Biden administration had implemented.

But then she said that as bad as the Obama-Biden years were, the potential “Biden-Harris administration would be much, much worse.”

“Last time, Joe’s boss was Obama. This time, it would be Pelosi, Sanders and The Squad. Their vision for America is socialism, and we know that socialism has failed everywhere,” Haley concluded.