‘I Appreciate This President’: Democratic Rep. Vernon Jones On Why He Supports Donald Trump

(C-Span, Daily Caller)

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Democratic Georgia Rep. Vernon Jones spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about voicing his support for President Donald Trump, how he thinks Democrats have failed black Americans and more.

“It was easy to come out and support this president for two reasons,” Jones explained. “One — Joe Biden has had 47 years and has done nothing. President Trump, on the other hand: In three and a half years, he’s done more than Joe Biden in his past 47 years.”

When leaving the Republican National Convention, Vernon and his wife were confronted by a group of angry protesters outside the White House.

“Well here’s what’s interesting — no calls from the Democratic Party,” Jones said. “No calls from Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, or the DNC president or Democrats publicly saying — elected Democrats, too — publicly saying ‘You know what Vernon, what happened to you — it’s one thing to disagree on a candidate, but what happened to you shouldn’t have been tolerated and that was wrong.'”

“More importantly, though, I’m waiting to hear from the liberal media like MSNBC and CNN and ABC and NBC who were saying that these protests were mostly peaceful,” he continued. “Well, if there were mostly peaceful, where were they when I was under attack, Sen. Rand Paul was under attack, and several others.” (RELATED: Congressman Attacks ‘Peaceful Protest’ Narrative: Like Describing ‘Al Capone As A Mostly Law-Abiding Businessman’)

“If those officers hadn’t shown up when they did, I may not have been here to share this experience with you,” Jones said.

Jones also discussed what he thinks Trump has done to help black Americans, Biden’s track record and more.


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