‘I Just Miss Her’: Uighur American Speaks Out About Missing Mom, Disney’s ‘Mulan’

(Courtesy of Ziba Murat)

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Ziba Murat, the daughter of a retired doctor detained by the Chinese Communist Party, spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about her mom’s situation, her thoughts on Disney’s “Mulan” and more.

“She’s the just most caring, gentle and compassionate, uplifting person,” Murat said about her mom, Dr. Gulshan Abbas. “To her, helping others is an obligation rather than a choice. She would just go out of her way to help others” and “to make their day better.”

Murat, who is a Uighur American, recalled the last conversation she had with her mom.

“Last time I talked to her was September 10, 2018. I sent her a picture of my daughter when she was three months then, ” she said. “I said, ‘you know, she always likes to sleep on her stomach.’ She responded back to me and she said, ‘well, when your baby is sleeping you should get some rest, too.'” (RELATED: ‘Absolutely Horrific Things’: Asian Studies Expert Criticizes Disney, Chinese Communist Party)

She continued, “that was the last conversation I had with her.”

“My mom’s case is one that clearly demonstrates the Chinese government’s refusal to participate in genuine dialogue,” she told the Daily Caller in a statement provided following the interview. “If the Chinese government wants to clear [its] name, [it] must answer families like me about why we cannot communicate with our families.”

Murat also discussed her relationship with the United States Department of State, Disney’s new live-action “Mulan” being filmed in Xinjiang and more.


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