Supermodel Kendall Jenner Admits She Smokes Weed

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Supermodel Kendall Jenner is apparently a “stoner.”

Jenner made the revelation on the “Sibling Rivalry With Kate Hudson And Oliver Hudson” Thursday.

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“I am a stoner,” Jenner admitted, according to Page Six. “No one knows that so that’s the first time I’ve ever really said anything out there.”

Jenner isn’t the only member of the reality show that has dabbled with marijuana. Kim Kardashian opened up about using CBD and even had a CBD-themed baby shower. (RELATED: Seth Rogen Admits He’s Smoked A ‘Truly Ungodly Amount Of Weed’ During Quarantine)

“I’ve been a huge fan of CBD ever since I started feeling overwhelmed, which came with starting law school and having a fourth baby,” Kim told sister Kourtney Kardashian in an interview for lifestyle blog Poosh. “It was a combination of feeling like I’m not going to have time for myself and thinking this is going to be too overwhelming and not really believing in myself that I can do it or surrounding myself with the people who can help.”

“I started taking CBD and it really changed things for me,” Kim added. “It calms me down automatically.”

I can’t really picture Jenner or Kim smoking marijuana or using CBD, but to each their own. Jenner kind of has that stoner vibe going on. She always comes across as super chill and laid back, but I don’t know. I guess if she’s saying she’s a stoner, then she must be one.