Biden Campaign Claims Trump Asked Chris Wallace Not To Mention Over 200,000 Americans Died From COVID-19

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Kate Bedingfield said Tuesday that President Donald Trump’s campaign asked that debate moderator Chris Wallace not mention the over 200,000 Americans who have died from COVID-19.

Bedingfield, who serves as deputy campaign manager and communications director for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, told Politico reporter Christopher Cadelago that Biden had not, as the Trump campaign alleged, requested multiple breaks during the 90-minute debate and refused a pre-debate inspection for electronic earpieces. (RELATED: REPORT: Biden Camp Refuses Pre-Debate ‘Inspection’ For Earpieces, Requests Breaks Every 30 Minutes)

Bedingfield went on to say Trump had asked that Wallace not bring up the number of Americans — now over 200,000 — who had died due to COVID-19.

“‘You can consider that confirmed from the Biden campaign,’ @KBeds says. ‘See how easy that was to try to throw up a distraction. It is pathetic. It is weak. And once again the Trump campaign is lying and they are going to process,'” Cadelago tweeted.

Tim Murtaugh, communications director for President Trump’s reelection campaign, replied to Bedingfield’s claims, saying, “This is a lie and it never happened. This is the height of playing politics with a public health crisis. Biden is trying to distract from the facts that he won’t submit to an inspection for earpieces, won’t take a drug test, and needs multiple breaks during the 90-minute debate.”