Surveillance Video Reportedly Captures Fight Between Machete-Wielding Men In Bronx Bodega

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot CBS New York

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Surveillance video from a bodega in New York City reportedly caught a fight between two machete-wielding groups on camera.

The video surveillance of the altercation was released Tuesday by United Bodegas of America, according to the New York Post. A spokesperson for the group, Fernando Mateo, claimed “gangs” have taken over the city.

The surveillance video reportedly shows two men barricaded inside the bodega attempting to fend off a larger group of people. Both groups reportedly had machetes. The store clerks reportedly were forced to hide behind the check-out counter while the altercation took place. (RELATED: Man With Machete Tattoo On Face Allegedly Attacks Man With Machete)

“We are small businesses that are trying to invest our money in this city, and as you can see the gangs have taken over,” Mateo said at a morning press conference Tuesday, the outlet reported.

“You know, there’s very little that we can do to defend ourselves,” he added.



The owner of the bodega has reportedly left town after fearing for his family’s safety, according to Mateo, the outlet reported.

“The owner of Colorado bodega is a family man, married with five children, ages 1 to 21,” Mateo said, according to the NYPost. “He picked up his kids and he left town last night because he’s fearful for his life. He’s fearful that something is going to happen to him because there will be arrests made, which he has nothing to do with.”